I know you're crushing it professionally and you're juggling work and family like a pro but what about your personal goals? Are you leaving them til last?

  • Not quite exercising?
  • Struggling to save?
  • Not eating to nourish?
  • Parking your mental health?
  • Hoping the magic cleaning fairy will make a visit to your garage? 

Could you use some accountability to achieve the perfect balance?

Are you ready to feel happier, healthier and in control?

Do you want to develop a success mindset FOR LIFE?


POSITIVE YOU is my six week email coaching program that gives you:

  • Access to cutting edge science in positive psychology and personal effectiveness. Everything you need to know to achieve your goals and make REAL difference to your happiness, well being and sense of balance and control.
  • Fast, effective tips and tools that work.
  • Personalised support, encouragement and accountability from me, a university-trained positive and coaching psychologist.


Why email coaching?

Email coaching is perfect for the busy woman. It's fast, straight to the point and uses technology that's at your fingertips.

Email coaching is most effective:

  • When you have one or more specific issues with which you want expert assistance.  Personal goals such as health and productivity are ideal for this.
  • When you want efficient but ongoing and personalised support.
  • When you want bang for your buck (you get access to an expert coach at a fraction of the price of face to face programs.)


What's involved?

Step 1: We work together to clarify your goals. This is best done face to face via Skype but phone and email work too.

Step 2: I send you three emails per week:

  1. To ask you for progress on your goal (this is your accountability check). 
  2. To give you the latest psychology relevant to your challenges. There are articles, exercises, books and TED talks. These are tailored to your goals and challenges. Topics include mindset, habits and goals and it's all drawn from the latest psychological research. No 'woo-woo' here.
  3. A personalised response to your update email. I will answer questions, coach you, make recommendations and ask you questions. I'll also challenge you, keep you accountable and cheer you on as you conquer your goals and learn skills for life.


POSITIVE YOU is a six week program for AU$547. That's a fraction of the cost of individual face to face coaching. You get the same results - from home.