Do you want to develop your team professionally and personally?

Would you like them to be happier, healthier, more motivated and productive?

Do you want help guiding your team successfully through a program of change?

I am a consultant business psychologist with experience coaching, training and facilitating in organisations across Australia. Current and recent projects include:

  • Guiding a local government organisation through a process of positive change and workplace development.
  • Coaching leaders to attain their goals and enhance their effectiveness.
  • Educating managers and team leaders in psychological health and workplace well being.
  • Facilitating workshops on resilience and self care for leaders and staff.
  • Providing senior leaders with EQ360 and other self insight assessments.

You can see my work on Slideshare.

I have experience speaking and presenting to groups of all sizes and I work with individuals on personal goals, career planning and self improvement.

If you'd like to chat about how I can help your business or organisation, contact me here.