I am a consultant business psychologist with experience coaching, training and facilitating in organisations across Australia's Eastern Seaboard (with the occasional trips to Adelaide, Perth and Darwin).  I'm now based in Ballarat, Victoria and I love working with local businesses and the Ballarat community as well as my Melbourne and Sydney clients.

I'm currently the Chair of the Ballarat Branch of the Australian Psychological Society, and I've worked for long periods in both Sydney and Melbourne so I have cultivated a network in psychology, human resources and the broader business world.

I have experience speaking and presenting to groups of all sizes and I work with individuals on personal goals, career planning and self improvement and specialise in providing quality workplace psychology consulting to businesses of all sizes.

I am a Senior Associate with The Positivity Institute and a Senior Consultant Psychologist with the CommunicorpGroup, delivering workplace education programs in workplace well-being, positive psychology and organisational effectiveness.

If you'd like to chat about how I can help your business or organisation, let's book a time.

I also write for Flying Solo, a website brimming with brimming with small business advice. You can read my articles here.