Ready to stop drifting and start grooving?

When the soundtrack of your life has lost its rhythm and your dancing slows, it’s time to update your tunes. Agreed? Because figuring out where you want your life to go next can be fun - until you hit a wall …

In this powerful course—rather than delve into your past—you’ll be professionally guided by your coach, Ellen Jackson, to identify your strengths and values, as well as your current interests, skills and talents.

Find Your Groove is perfect for women who want to:

  • rejoin the workforce after raising children and find work they’ll love
  • start their own business endeavour
  • work from home and pursue self-employment
  • change their situation and do something different and meaningful

You’ll gain new knowledge and a deeper understanding of yourself. With a greater awareness of what makes you tick, this course aims to help you clarify your ideal career path or life direction, and make the decision to change easier.

Let’s unlock your heart and open your mind to what really makes you YOU.  

Find Your Groove participants will receive:

  • Weekly modules of practical and factual video content delivered over a 4-week period
  • A workbook with accompanying written content, plus structured exercises, extra information and useful resources
  • Access to numerous high-quality online questionnaires and reports, developed by world-leading coaching psychologists, that are not available to the general public
  • An accurate, scientific assessment of your strengths, values and other characteristics to help give you clarity and focus
  • Group support and confidential interactions with your coach and other course participants via a private online forum space
  • Compassionate coaching and ongoing support from a qualified psychologist and professional coach
  • Techniques to coach yourself and ensure you’ll remain accountable to reaching for your personal goals, now and for the future

As soon as you access the video content and support materials, they’re yours forever. No restrictions. Therefore, if you need more time to focus on specific concepts or you want to revisit the topics in the future, you can.

Still deciding if this course is for you?

Find Your Groove is ideal if you:

  • Know what you want out of life, but don’t know how to get it
  • Don’t know what you want out of life, but know that you want something different
  • Want to better understand who you are and make choices in tune with your values
  • Want to clarify your vision and personal goals for the year ahead
  • Need a friendly coach to whole-heartedly encourage you to take real steps towards achieving your goals
  • Know that your true and full potential hasn’t been reached yet, and you want to maximise your life from now on
  • Want your life to have more direction, more happiness and more fulfilment.

Book your place now or contact us with any questions you may have about the course.