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Discover Your Style

TypeFinder by Truity

Allow 20 minutes to discover your 4 Letter Personality Type, just like the Myers Briggs (MBTI). Your personality is your distinct set of characteristics or qualities that make you, YOU. Understanding your personality helps explain your behaviour and preferences and makes life's decisions clearer and easier. 

This test is FREE to do, plus USD29 to obtain a full report.

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Discover Your Energy Source

Character Strengths Survey by VIA Institute

Just 15 minutes to uncover what gives you energy and joy at work and in life. Learn where to focus your time and attention to increase your happiness and well being.

This test is FREE to do, plus USD20-40 for in-depth reports.

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Discover Your Career Destiny

Career Surveyor by Truity

Invest 40 minutes to understand your work preferences, simplify choices and enhance your career success. This test is FREE to do, plus USD29 to obtain a full report.

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