Why Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Won't Work

Tracey Spicer and her social media following have compiled a list of 26 ideas for tackling sexual harassment against women in workplaces.

As a workplace psychologist I can tell you that most of the ideas in this list just won’t work.

6 Fascinating Podcasts Exploring Human Behaviour

Does your personality change over time?

Why are some people panicked by certain sounds?

Where do gender differences really come from?

If you're keen to discover the answers to these and many other thought-provoking questions, it's time to tune in to some of the fascinating podcasts that explore human behaviour.

2018: I Want to Make You Think + 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Day

This is my goal for 2018. I want to make you think.

If you’re on holiday right now you might resist this.  Who wants to think when they’re taking time off? But you don’t have to think right now. Take your time and when you’re ready, I’m here. We've got all year.

What do I want you to think about?

I want you to think about:

  • Your power
  • Your purpose
  • Your goals

I want you to think about:

  • Your actions
  • Your emotions
  • Your health

I want you to think about how you live your life. Are you living as you want to be?

How To Use Your Brain to Make 2018 Outstanding

Do you plan for a new year? Or for January alone?

There’s a structure in the human brain about the size of a brussels sprout. It’s called the lateral frontal pole and it’s uniquely human*. It gives us a super power that no other creature has. It allows us to plan into the future, be flexible in our decision making and to learn from our past experience.

The New Year is the perfect time to put your lateral frontal pole to use. Many of us start the year with a sense of something new that we want to achieve. Get fit. Find a new job. Save money.

Books to Inspire You for a Productive, Happy 2018

It's reading season!

I love summer reading. It's one of the few periods of the year that slows down enough for me to pick up a book. These holidays I have an array of novels stacked by my bed but I also have some inspiring and insightful non-fiction to devour in readiness for a big, productive and satisfying 2018!