A Productivity Tip: 5 Whys and a What

How I'm going to get the kids to school on time.

Every problem has a solution. I firmly believe that. But not every solution is easy to find.  Here's a productivity tip I learned last week that helps us to uncover the answers to some of life's peskier productivity questions. Questions close to my heart like, 'Why can't I get the kids to school on time? Ever?' 

Positivity for breakfast: How to send your day in the right direction.

‘Please don’t whinge at me first thing in the morning.’

I need space. I need solitude. I need to come to terms with my day. I need music. I need a cup of tea.

What I don’t need is bad news and complaints. A child who doesn’t like the breakfast choices. A husband bemoaning politicians. A miaowing cat.

I am not a morning person but it’s more than that. It’s not good for me, for my mind, my productivity, my stress levels or my relationships to start my day with negativity.

It’s not good for anyone.

Why I'm Happy To Live Life Online

I have been working online for 22 years. When I started Mark Zuckerberg was 12 years old.  There was no social media.  There were no smart phones.  ‘Email’ as we know it now was pretty new. (How old do I feel?)

I’ve watched the Internet become our information go-to.  I work online, I socialise online and I learn online. I tell my kids that we’ll ‘Google’ answers to vexing questions.  They can’t imagine a life without YouTube and wonder why wifi stops at our front gate.