Hi I'm Ellen and it's my mission to help you fulfil your potential - personally and professionally.

I've spent 20 years helping high-flyers like you to solve problems, achieve goals and live a more satisfying life, at work and at home.


Using the science of positive psychology, success and well being.

I believe that with the right knowledge, inspiration and support we can all fulfil our potential. 

I know that there is a wealth of solid science-based information out there that will enable us to fulfil our potential.

I specialise in bringing that information to you so that you, your colleagues and your family can live, learn and flourish.


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About Ellen

I'm a psychologist, internationally published writer, speaker and consultant to organisations Australia-wide.

My passion is helping you and your team to be happier and more effective using the science of human flourishing.

Everything I teach is supported by scientific research so we know it works. I overlay this with a nuanced understanding of individuals and how they function to help you and your workplace to thrive and flourish.

Are you ready to fulfil your potential? 





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