6 Simple Steps to an Engaged Team - Ballarat Business Festival Workshop


6 Simple Steps to an Engaged Team - Ballarat Business Festival Workshop


Forget carrots and sticks! Modern psychological models of motivation delve deeper into human behaviour, exploring what drives us, inspires us and what keeps us happy and well  - while also boosting productivity, initiative and engagement. 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about current scientific models of human motivation - What drives us? What doesn’t? And how can you harness your team’s intrinsic motivation to achieve your organisation’s goals?

  • Explore six simple science-backed strategies that you can implement to better motivate team members (and yourself!) and create a productive, focused and flourishing workplace

  • Develop your confidence as a leader and manager by giving you the tools and knowledge to know, understand, motivate and inspire your team.

WHEN: New date! 29 August 2019, 9.30am - 11.30am

WHERE: Platypus Coworking, Level 2/51 Lydiard St Sth

COST: $35.00 - Bookings Essential

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About your workshop leader

Ellen Jackson is a workplace psychologist with 20 years' experience consulting to organisations in human behaviour at work. She holds postgraduate University qualifications in positive psychology, goal setting and motivation. She now works with Ballarat's leading organisations to help leaders understand human behaviour at work and create thriving, flourishing workplaces.

Ellen is also the host of The Potential Psychology Podcast.