About Ellen

I'm a psychologist, internationally published writer, speaker and consultant to organisations Australia-wide.

My passion is helping you and your workplace to understand the ins and out of human behaviour and to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. 

Everything I teach is supported by scientific research so we know it works. I overlay this with a nuanced understanding of individuals and how they function to help you and your workplace to thrive and flourish.

I love what I do and my greatest joy is seeing others implement the simple, effective strategies that I teach to thrive flourish.

Are you ready to fulfil your potential? 

Fast Facts About Ellen

Registered Psychologist 

Past Chair of the Australian Psychological Society - Ballarat Branch

Consultant Workplace Psychologist with clients Australia wide

Experienced Executive Coach, Trainer, Presenter and Facilitator

Writer with an extensive and varied portfolio including topics related to happiness, wellbeing, mental health, mindfulness and achieving goals

Melbourne born and raised, early career and life in Sydney, I now call Ballarat, Victoria, home

Mum to two fast-growing boys, one cat and several chooks

6 Word Purpose Statement: Help others live, learn and flourish.

Ellen’s first book, Turning 30: How to get the life you really want, co-authored with Sheila Panchal, was published in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and The Netherlands.

Coming Soon:

Ellen’s e-Book, The Positive Parenting Toolkit, will be published in November 2018. 

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