Podcast Episode 101: How To Thrive: Exploring What's Strong Instead of What's Wrong


We're shaking things up a bit in season 11 of the show with a new format. I am co-hosting this series with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod - our wonderful guest from our "How To Thrive" episode in season 10.


In this podcast series, Marie and I go deep into the practice of positive psychology and wellbeing science, sharing how we live what we teach in our work and in our lives. We dive into what it means to thrive and dissect a beam of the BEACON model, Marie's evidence-based model of thriving, in each episode. We even have do-at-home exercises for you to complete along with us. That means YOU get to participate in this fabulous collaboration too.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the BEACON Model is and how it helps you to thrive
  • What each beam of BEACON stands for
  • What we mean by well-being literacy
  • The history and origin of the positive psychology
  • About finding emotional equilibrium
  • Why is it important to look for the things that go well in life.


Today's quest: What went well for you? How to focus on what's strong rather than what's wrong and rewire your brain for positivity.


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