Podcast Episode 104: Accountability and Walking the Line Between Grit and Grace

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"Thriving is not a spectator sport. You can't sit back and watch it happen."


This is the 4th episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive", a collaboration with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod. This series is all about exploring how to thrive and practicing the BEACON model; a model that Marie has developed to guide us through the simple steps to thriving and flourishing in life.


In this week's episode we explore the third "beam" of the BEACON model: Accountability.


This might seem an unusual element of thriving but there is no thriving without doing - and sometimes we need to hold ourselves accountable to get the doing, done.


Listen in as Marie and Ellen discuss:

  • What accountability means when it comes to thriving and why it's important
  • Real life, practical examples of where people struggle with accountability (because it's something we all struggle with from time to time)
  • How our personal beliefs impact our goals and motivation.
  • How to find your "why" to build motivation.
  • Tips and techniques for holding yourself accountable to your action steps for thriving.


Your quest for this week: Get curious and challenge yourself to try a new activity for a week that you know will help you to thrive - even if it's difficult to get started. You might like to reflect on the activities we've spoken about already in this series - connecting with others, discovering or using your strengths to find 'flow' - or maybe it's an activity you've not tried before or you want to re-integrate into your life. Ellen and Marie discussed yoga and meditation as activities they'd like to get back into. Walking, social activities or new hobbies are also great ideas.


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