Podcast Episode 105: Compassion and Being Your Own Best Friend


"If only each of us realized the full extent to which all our problems, fears, and desires are shared by the rest of humanity, we'd all be so much more connected, self-forgiving, vulnerable, open, and free."


In this, the 5th episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive" Marie and Ellen explore the fourth "beam" of the BEACON model: Compassion.


It's relatively easy to feel compassion for others but practicing self-compassion is more challenging. Why, when we would give a friend facing struggle words of encouragement do we beat ourselves up for not reaching expectations? And how is self compassion a super power? We discuss the answers and more in this episode.


Listen in to hear Marie and I ask:

  • What is compassion?
  • How does it differ from kindness and empathy?
  • Why is balance is important and how do we avoid 'empathy fatigue'?
  • Why is it important to pay attention to our self-talk?
  • What are the most common stumbling blocks on the road to self-compassion? And what are the tips for overcoming them?
  • What are the three steps to self-compassion?


Your quest for this week: Recall a time when you're were not proud of the way you showed up. How did you take the more self-compassionate route? Did you follow the three steps to self-compassion? (notice the moment, know that we are perfectly imperfect, and bring the intent to soothe ourselves rather than beat ourselves up) Tell us about it, we'd love to hear from you!



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