Podcast Episode 107: Nurture and Getting Splendid Sleep


"A good night's sleep starts the moment we wake up."


We're almost at the end of Season 11 with 2 more episodes left. Today, we're back with our second to the last episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive", a collaboration with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod. We're exploring the last beam of the BEACON model; a model of thriving that Marie has developed to guide us through the simple steps to thriving and flourishing in life.


In this episode, we talk about Nurture - the one and only beam of the BEACON model that is about our physical health and how it interplays with our mental health. Nurture focuses on four aspects: eating, moving, sleeping, and being mindful. All of which revolve around, energy.


Marie and I talk about:

  • Why maintaining energy is important in helping people thrive
  • A handy acronym to help us remember how to keep our energy levels sustained
  • Why do we need sleep
  • How important is sleep for productivity, performance, and mental health
  • How sleep deprivation impacts cognitive abilities and emotional regulation
  • What is sleep hygiene and why we need to think about it
  • Factors that affect our sleep and some practical tips to improve our sleep quality


Your quest for the week: Nurture yourself by making improvements to your sleep quality. You can check out the cheat sheet to "Seven Steps to Splendid Sleep" in Marie's website or any of the resources listed above for tips on how to improve your sleep hygiene.

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