2022 is Six Months Away, How are you Doing with your Goals? Part 2

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This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Goal Setting and Mid Year Review. Part 1 takes you back to your motivations and what you have accomplished in the year so far. Part 2 looks forward to the rest of the year and focuses on achieving the remainder of our goals. Read part 1 here.

We succeed at moving forward if we’ve learned from looking back. So if you’ve completed the tasks in part 1 of this series, then now is the time to re-calibrate and make adjustments that will tee you up for a strong end to the year.




What are my top three goals for the remainder of the year?

Why are these goals important to me? What makes them meaningful? Are they connected to my values? What is driving me to achieve them?

Read this for tips on successfully setting goals?


Who can I share those goals with to help hold me accountable?

Who can be my “accountability buddy”? Where will I record my goals to remind myself to take consistent action? Have I written them down? (Writing your goals increases your likelihood of success significantly)


Which relationships or connections will I focus on strengthening and developing during the second half of the year?

Who do I want to meet and get to know? Who can most help me achieve my goals? Who I am curious to learn from? Who could make the biggest difference to my life and success in the long term?


What do I need to learn?

What new skills do I need to develop? What skills do I need to strengthen? What things do I need to "keep current" on? What one skill, if mastered, would have the greatest impact on my success?



What habits do I need to develop and strengthen? What three habits, if developed and sustained, would have the greatest positive impact on my work life and personal life?

Have you read Atomic Habits by James Clear? It’s highly recommended by many of our podcast guests

Write down your answers or bounce your thoughts off a friend. Remember to refer back to your thoughts and responses and keep adjusting, month by month. Remind yourself that there is no failure. When a toddler falls while learning to walk we applaud the effort not the result. Treat yourself like that toddler and celebrate all of the small steps you take along the way.

I hope these questions help you create the road map you need for success, satisfaction and a flourishing life in 2021 and beyond.


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Podcast Episode 109: Welcome to Season 12

Aug 09, 2022