Podcast Episode 072: Finding Joy Through Exertion with Sanjay Rawal




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Today on the show we’re talking a bit about exercise, a bit about spirituality, a bit about indigenous cultures and quite a bit about a very select group of people who choose to run around and around an extended city block in New York City for not just days but weeks at a time!

My guest is Sanjay Rawal, an award winning documentary maker based in New York City. We’re talking about his film 3100: Run and Become, a beautiful and intriguing documentary about the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race and the role that running plays in personal growth. But as you’ll hear the film is just a starting point for a deeper, wide ranging and insightful conversation about the many different paths we can take to be our best self.

During our conversation Sanjay and I discuss:

  • Who enters it and why?

  • How to manage your mind to run for 52 days.

  • Finding flow through exertion and contemplation through movement

  • Staying in the moment to manage challenge and hardship

  • How striving towards a goal contributes to our wellbeing

  • The role of running in traditional cultures

  • Finding meaning and purpose through serving others.

This conversation and Sanjay’s film has completely reframed exercise and exertion for me. Rather than dwell on discomfort and challenge I am finding the joy in exertion and the peace in each moment, even when it hurts.


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