Podcast Episode 073: Getting Curious about Jobs and The Future with Tess Walton




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I was introduced to Tess Walton at an event late in 2019 and we clicked straight away. We got talking about her specialist topic - the future of work - and I quickly realised that this was a podcast episode in the making. 

It took us a little while to co-ordinate schedules but we connected last week for this amazing conversation which weaves and wends its way through a whole lot of topics all focused on the future.

  • How do we create the future?

  • What could it look like?

  • What skills and what kind of thinking do we need to get there?

  • How does working with the leaders of large organisations to visualise and create the future parallel working with individuals to create and live our best life?

  • And how do we get curious - about everything?

This interview was so much fun and I walked away full of energy. I’m sure you will too.

About Tess Walton

Tess specialises in Workforce Planning, People Metrics, HR Strategy, Change Management, Business Analysis, Business Strategy, HRMS Implementation, HR Projects and Productivity Improvements. She’s a thinker and a facilitator and an excellent asker of questions. You can hear and see Tess speak at PAFOW Sydney20 on 3rd and 4th March 2020.


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