Podcast Episode 074: Building a Bigger Life with Thomas Igeme




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How do we learn, grow and fulfil our potential today and into the future?

My guest for today's conversation arrived in the United States from Kenya at the age of 18 with $273 to his name and a mission to survive. As he tells it, he is LGBTQ and grew up in a world in which his identity either did not exist or was punishable by death or a lifetime in prison.

Upon his arrival in the US he was granted a diversity scholarship to attend college which led to both a Bachelor and Masters Degree from Stanford University, a role with the prestigious Boston Consulting Group and a successful stint as Group Business Product Manager at LinkedIn. Today Thomas Igeme is the co-founder & COO of Trybe.ai - a technology platform that uses the science of habit building to help people reach their full potential.

His LinkedIn bio simply states, ‘I build tech that unlocks the potential of people and teams’ but in this conversation you will discover that there is so much more to him than that.

During our discussion Thomas and I explore:

  • How Trybe.ai is disrupting the professional learning experience using the latest in technology as well as the best of science.

  • The complexity of work today and why the development needs of leaders and professionals are more akin to high performance athletes than ever before

  • What's required to build 'soft skill' muscle and habits

  • The three scientifically-supported elements that lead to behaviour change

  • Why professional development is personal, especially for Thomas

  • Diversity and Inclusion and why it matters for our workplaces and our society

  • The importance of 'giving everyone a fair shot', and

  • Connection, belonging and fulfilling our potential.

This episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast is brought to you by PAFOW - People Analytics and the Future of Work. You can hear and see Thomas speak at PAFOW Sydney20 on 3rd and 4th March 2020.


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