Podcast Episode 076: Prioritising Positivity with Dr Suzy Green



I'm delighted to have Dr Suzy Green back on the show today. Suzy was one of my lecturers when I completed the Masters of Coaching Psychology at The University of Sydney (some time ago now) and today I'm proud to call her a colleague. I'm also thrilled to be introducing you to her new book, The Positivity Prescription: A six week wellbeing program based on the science of positive psychology.

Over the past 20 years Suzy has asserted herself as a pioneer of Positive Psychology. She is the founder of the Sydney-based The Positivity Institute and her evidence-based psychological strategies have helped thousands of Australians prevent and overcome mental health issues.

With the release of The Positivity Prescription, Suzy is excited to be sharing her knowledge and experience with a broader audience.

In this conversation Suzy and I discuss:

  • What it means to 'flourish,' psychologically-speaking.

  • Her hopes for The Positivity Prescription and bringing positive psychology to a broader audience.

  • How positivity and happiness differ and what the science says about the benefits of positivity.

  • The six 'Ms' of wellbeing - Meaning, Might, Mood, Motivation, Mindfulness and Mindset

  • How have the 6Ms have helped her face challenges and live a flourishing life.

  • Suzy's tips for living a flourishing life, and

  • Where to buy the book!

Suzy does a marvellous job in this interview of not only explaining the science of positivity in simple terms but also sharing her personal examples of how she puts that science to work in her life with verve and gusto.

Listen in to learn a little more about living a flourishing life. 

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