Podcast Episode 077: Telling Important Stories with Naomi Hunter and Jeremy Hunter



In the midst of COVID-19 uncertainty and the anxiety it is provoking it can do the heart and mind good to be distracted with positive stories of people doing good in our world. We need that right now.

My guests for this episode are Naomi Hunter and Jeremy Hunter, the co-Managing Directors of Empowering Resources, a boutique publisher of children's books that encourage meaningful conversations between kids and their trusted adults.

Their books handle tough topics with nurturing and understanding. They allow conversations to evolve to where kids need them to go.

Naomi is the author of A Secret Safe To Tell, a gentle book that encourages meaningful conversations about body safety, the importance of not keeping secrets and confiding in trusted adults if something is making you uncomfortable. Naomi wrote it when she became a mother, working through her own experience of childhood sexual abuse. She hoped that she could empower other children to share their experiences and get the help and support that they need much earlier in life than she was able to.

Within the first three months of its release, A Secret Safe to Tell encouraged 10 young children to disclose sexually abusive situations to their carers. These children were instantly validated and the abuse stopped. They did not need to wait until becoming an adult to start to heal, as Naomi had to.

A Secret Safe to Tell and Even Mummy Cries (Naomi's second book) were both nominated for Children's Book of the Year in Australia and the Simplified Chinese version of A Secret Safe to Tell just won a gold award at a children's choice book awards in China, where 1.3 million children voted for their favourite book!

Empowering Resources publish for many authors whose stories help kids to feel validated, to feel seen and to feel empowered.

As high profile psychologist and past guest here on the show, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg says, 'These are some of the most important books that exist.'

This is a joyful conversation with both Naomi and Jeremy. I ask them:

  • Who is Empowering Resources and why do the books you publish matter?

  • Naomi, why did you write A Secret Safe to Tell? How did writing it help you and how has publishing it helped others?

  • What feedback to you get from parents and professionals about the books, how they use them and how they may have helped?

  • Where do professionals go for resources like these/where can the books be found?

  • What is your advice to parents and care givers about having difficult conversations with kids?

It's a privilege to share Naomi, Jeremy and their authors' work with you. Please listen in to be reminded of the good in the world.

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