Podcast Episode 078: Keeping Well When We're Stressed and Anxious




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Hello wonderful humans.

I’m mixing things up for this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast. I had planned an episode on Personality and How It Drives What We Do for this week on the back of our fun webinar with some members of the PP community last Monday morning. But given the state of uncertainty we’re in right now due to this new coronavirus, COVID-19 and its impact on almost every facet of life, I’ve parked that and decided to share some tips that might help us face some of our more immediate challenges.

In this solo episode I talk you through:

  • How our brain responds to uncertainty and why we're seeing the best and worst of human behaviour right now

  • What to do when you can't control what's happening and why focusing on your 'inner circle' gives you power

  • Breaking the negative cycle of worry, checking and more worry with one simple question

  • 5 simple strategies for maintaining calm and building emotional resilience - because we might be in this for the long haul!

Two weeks ago I could not have imagined that this would be the topic for this episode. For the past week it has been all I have talked about. The demand for strategies to maintain mental health is strong and while I wish this wasn't where we are right now, I'm so glad that positive psychology, as a field of research and practice, can bring us 20 years of knowledge to support us to thrive in the face of challenge.

And you can bet that I'm practising every one of these strategies every day right now!

Please listen and share widely. I know this content can help x

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