Podcast Episode 080: Screen Time Strategies In A Global Pandemic with Martine Oglethorpe




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“There are some fundamental principles that parents want kids to follow: respect themselves, respect other people, and, in a nutshell, if they’re doing those things, they’ll be able to enjoy themselves and stay safe wherever they go online.” - Martine Oglethorpe

Life lately has been unusual. With school, work and socialising conducted from home, the pressure has dialled up for juggling parents. Where do 'screen time' rules fit in? What's reasonable device use right now? And how do we adapt when screens are all we have?

As parents we try to do right by our kids and in the digital world that often means a battle over technology. Screen time is inevitable especially now when we are confined to home but my guest, Martine Oglethorpe, says that it's still possible to raise a great kid in a very digital world.

In this episode we explore how to arm ourselves with the right tools, awareness, and mindset to ensure our kids partake in healthy, constructive and enjoyable screen time.

In my conversation with Martine, we discuss:

  • How much is too much screen time, and what questions parents should be asking to determine the types of screen time their children are partaking in?

  • How parents should position their digital presence to understand, be aware of online activity, and be able to communicate about it with their kids. 

  • Ideas to facilitate healthy screen time for children to hang out with friends during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Ways to set appropriate boundaries for different age groups online.

About our guest:

Martine Oglethorpe is a speaker, author, an e-safety and digital parenting expert, a mother of five and the author of the recently released book, The Modern Parent: Raising a Great Kid in a Digital World. She is well versed in working with children and families and is passionate about technology’s effect on children and parenting in the digital world. Martine speaks to several challenges that parents face when it comes to approaching screen time and parenting in the age of social media and online activity. Her perspective is refreshing and motivating, allowing parents to feel confident rather than defeated when handling their children’s digital interactions.




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