Podcast Episode 081: Self Care Is The New Health Care with Suzy Reading


I'm thrilled to welcome Suzy Reading back to the show today to discuss the topic of self-care. Suzy is an accomplished Chartered Psychologist that has devoted her practice to stress management, wellbeing, and shifting to a healthy lifestyle as well as a talented yoga teacher and personal trainer.

Suzy's passion is offering a cohesive approach to wellbeing by connecting with the head, heart, and body, and work to empower people through self-care practices. She shares this passion with us by offering advice, tips, and useful approaches to self-care.

Suzy's new book, Self-Care for Tough Times, speaks magnificently to the current state of the world by defining and teaching the underlying skills that help us navigate stressors, such as anxiety, grief, and change and transitions.

In this episode, Suzy and I chat about:

  • What the realisation of our need for self-care looks like.

  • How to check-in, take notice, and give ourselves permission to invest in ourselves lovingly.

  • The Vitality Wheel and how it allows us to map out our self-care.

  • The importance of self-care every day, but especially while coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Five reasons we all need to practice and prioritise self-care.

  • Overcoming the idea that we are not worthy of self-care.

  • Quick "wins" to easily practice self-care.

Suzy does a wonderful job of explaining the importance of self-care, framing it as "health care," and bringing light to the benefits of self-care, not only in our own lives but in the way we impact those around us. By describing her own learning and experience with self-care, Suzy uncovers the barriers and challenges we face when we neglect our own self-care.



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