Podcast Episode 086: Don't Blame The Reptilian Brain with Dr. Sarah McKay


Today, speaker, media personality, and Australian-based neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay, returns to our podcast to talk about our emotions, our brain, some misconceptions about reptiles and why we're not beholden to emotional and behavioural triggers.

 In this information packed episode, we get our geek on about:

  • What we're getting wrong if we talk about 'lizard brains' and emotional triggers

  • Why getting the scientific fundamentals right is vital when talking about our brain and behaviour

  • An alternative to fear, fight and flight and how the words we use shape our physiological responses and emotional experience

  • Current theories of constructed emotion and how our feelings might be an emergent property of the meaning we make from the world around us

  • Taking control through choice and mindset

  • Science education and watching the scientific method unfold during a pandemic

Sarah is an Oxford University-educated neuroscientist, presenter of ABC Catalyst, director of The Neuroscience Academy, and author of The Women's Brain Book. The neuroscience of health, hormones and happiness.


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