Podcast Episode 009: From Prisons to The Sweet Life with Laura Braid


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Potential Psychology Podcast!

In this episode I chat to the delightful Laura Braid from The Sweet Life. Laura started her career as a forensic psychologist in Scotland, delivered ground breaking programs with offenders in the New Zealand prison system and now runs her private practice, the gorgeously named, The Sweet Life, in Auckland.

Our discussion delves into therapy, courage, vulnerability, acceptance and happiness.

We discuss:

  • Mindfulness and letting judgement exit stage left

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a tool for a happier life

  • How to keep psychologically flexible, and

  • Getting out of our heads and into our lives.

Laura is so warm, engaging and open that she has me revealing my on-the-spot, on-air introspection about situations I face in my life. She's a talent!


Download Laura Braid's tips

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