9 Online Psychologists to Follow in 2019

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This is the third in our annual series, sharing the amazing work of fellow psychologists producing amazing products and services online.

Let me introduce you to 9 online psychologists to follow in 2019….

Plus a bonus one, you shouldn’t miss!

Kim Dunn.png

Positive Young Minds

Kim Dunn - Kim is passionate about using online spaces to increase connection and community. Using her years of experience working with children and adolescents, as well as being a mother of 3, she has been vlogging, writing articles and running online groups for the last few years.

She loves the immediacy of live vlogs and is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for people wanting to using the convenience of the online world to make real change in their lide.

On Facebook, Positive Young Minds focuses on children, adolescents and education; whilst at Positive Psychology for Life, Kim focuses on teaching strategies such as how to incorporate positive habits such as happiness, gratitude and self-confidence.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Positive Psychology for Life. Check out her courses: 7 Steps to Change and Introduction to Gratitude.

Melissa Johnson.png

Thriving Minds Psychology Clinic

Melissa Johnson - Melissa is a psychologist, owner of her own psychology practice and a mother of two young boys.

With an interest in perinatal psychology and adult anxiety, stress and burnout, she loves writing blogs for her facebook page, with some favourites titled: “Dealing With Toxic People”, “Motivation Is Rubbish”, “Imagine This!” and “Hey Super Mum!! Where Are You??…Oh, That’s Right You Don’t Exist!”.

With over a 100 Vlogs on her Facebook page and YouTube channel, it is her absolute passion helping you to create change, moderate stress and anxiety and live with purpose, direction and vitality.

She recently released an online course titled "How To Get What You Want From 2019!" It is a short, intensive, interactive course far more than just goal setting. Delivered via video and covers topics such as setting and planning goals properly to maximise success, mindset and tackling the inner critic, blocks and unhelpful beliefs, problem solving and preparing for road blocks, motivation vs action and decisions and creating life balance to prevent burnout and boredom.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Naomi Rossthorn.png

Harnessing Wellness Psychology and Equine Assisted Psychology

Naomi Rossthorn - a registered psychologist, who since 2010 has been working with horses in equine assisted psychology. She was initially contacted to deliver trauma sensitive experiential equine assisted assisted therapy to those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires. At the time, she pre-and post tested the groups using psychometric assessments which implied that there were significant psychological improvements. Following the four years of delivering these specialised equine assisted therapy programs, she has continued to work and develop her practice in equine assisted psychology, incorporating evidence based psychological interventions with trained therapy horses’.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. She is writing a book which is set to come out later in 2019.

Jess McCallum.png

Confident Life

Jess McCallum - Jess McCallum is a Clinical Psychologist, self care enthusiast, new mum, and owner of Confident Life, an online space where people can come to feel empowered, receive support, and find resources. Jess is passionate about helping women believe in themselves more, prioritise their self care routines, and build confidence by addressing their unhelpful thinking patterns. She has a range of evidence-based resources, ebooks, and courses, and loves the online community to help people realise that they are not alone.

Find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Check out her courses: "My Complete Self Care Workbook" and "My signature course Optimism Boost".

Rachael O’Connor.png

The Therapy Spot

Rachael O’Connor - Rachael O’Connor of The Therapy Spot makes a repeat appearance this year! Rachael blogs, vlogs, Instagrams and has recently ventured into podcasts. Based on Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, Rachael loves working with her clients and it shows. Recent posts include: Why New Years Resolutions don’t work and what to do instead and How to reconnect with your partner. Rachael even made a vlog while watching the sunset while on holiday in Hawaii (now that’s dedication!)

Based on Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, Rachael posts tips, discusses current research and shares solutions that work for her clients. She is an expert in relationships and anxiety and posts daily on Instagram and vlogs weekly.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Check out her podcast.

Gerda Muller.png

Private Practice Success


Gerda Muller - Gerda Muller is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Award Winning group private practice, The Psych Professionals, located on the Southside of Brisbane. The practice offers two locations, with one being a dedicated Trauma Centre, which was awarded the 2018 Adult Allied Health Practice Excellence Award and the second being a dedicated Child & Adolescent Centre, which won the Queensland Mental Health Awards in 2015.

Gerda also founded the online arm of the practice, called YourPsychOnline, as a means of making the psychological support on offer also accessible to those people unable to attend face-to-face appointments.

It is Gerda's belief that each and every person has the right to access quality mental health services and she has made it her life’s mission to make that happen.

This now includes being a Published Author with her book 'The 7-Figure Practice: The 7 Step Blueprint for Growing your Start-up Practice to a 7-Figure Ultimate Private Practice' as well as offering Business Coaching & Mentoring to other Allied Health Professionals who are passionate about helping more people in better ways.

Find her on Facebook at PrivatePracticeSuccess, yourpsychonline, psychprofessionals, and AnimalAssistedTherapyCentre and Instagram at gerda_muller and thepsychprofessionals. She is also on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Check out her book “The 7-Figure Practice: The 7 Step Blueprint for Growing your Start-up Practice to a 7-Figure Ultimate Private Practice” and her signature workshop “Private Practice Success”.

Danielle Braber.png

12 Points Psychology

Danielle Graber - Danielle is the founder, director and principal psychologist of 12 Points Psychology in Ferntree Gully, Victoria which is an animal-assisted psychology practice with a team of 13 mental health clinicians, 10 therapy dogs, 1 bearded dragon, 1 giant hermit crab, 1 axolotl and a plethora of fish!

Danielle is a clinical psychologist with a background in medical science and advanced training in animal-assisted therapy, which basically means that alongside mental health tips, interesting articles and updates on available workshops and seminars, she posts a LOT of dog pictures!

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Sandra Ifrah.png

Sandra Ifrah Psychology

Sandra Ifrah - Sandra is a Child and Adolescent psychologist by day, a university lecturer and clinical student supervisor by evening and a mother to three beautiful children by night. She truly believes that a person is only limited by their imagination. Sandra's experience stems from years supporting victims survivors of sexual abuse and running workshops for parents/carers on Protective Behaviours and Body Safety.

Sandra is the co-founder of a newly established online platform, where parents/carers can access webinars facilitated by expert psychologists world wide, on topics related to children, adolescents, family and parenting mental health and well-being. The website will be launched at the end of the month.

Find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Natalie Kladnitski.png

Natalie Kladnitski

Natalie Kladnitski - Natalie Kladnitski, PhD wants to see driven women succeed in building their dream solo business, without sacrificing their health, well-being, and happiness. Through her online Mindset & Resilience Coaching, Natalie helps busy, multi-passionate women transform limiting beliefs and overcome common challenges inherent in starting, building, and growing a thriving personal brand and business. Natalie’s work is for you if you’d love to improve your confidence, gain momentum, and turn your big, creative ideas into reality, so that you can fulfil your professional aspirations and live in alignment with your true potential.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram. Check out her new online program – Let’s Do This! Conquer Self-Doubt, Carve Out the Time You Need, and Make Your Next Biz Move.

Nonie Carr.png

Enhance Life Psychology

Nonie Carr - Nonie is a Counselling Psychologist practising as Enhance Life Psychology in Prahran as well as out of Performance Edge Psychology in Balwyn. She has a particular interest in working with people to help them perform at their best, at work, on the stage, or in sporting pursuits. Nonie is works to help people to manage mood and anxious thought patterns that can get in the way of us expressing our confident selves and living in accordance to those values that define us. Outside of work, Nonie is a keen cyclist; she has particular experience in managing performance during competition. 

Nonie generally sees clients in person, but is also offers online video counselling. More information about Nonie can be found on the Enhance Life Psychology website.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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