Podcast Episode 090: Inside the Dynamic PPP Team with Jaie Obillo, Andy Maher, and Tamsin Parry


Today's international episode is an extra special one and got me thinking "why haven't done this earlier?" It explores the dynamics of remote working teams and gives us a peek inside the inner workings of the Potential Psychology Team. My guests on the podcast are the people who make Potential Psychology possible: podcast producer, Jaie Obillo, podcast audio producer, Andy Maher, and online business manager Tamsin Parry.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What has life been like Covid-style in each team member's part of the world?

  • What have been their the challenges and upsides?

  • What have they done to maintain self-care?

  • A little Christmas wish for our audience

Jaie is a freelance content writer, licensed teacher, and disaster response volunteer. Andy Maher is an audio producer and voice over artist with 25 years of experience in Australian media. Tamsin Parry supports entrepreneurs build healthy and profitable online businesses, through systems, automations and team management.

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