Podcast Episode 091: Getting Your Mind and Body Fit For Life with Andrew May



Happy New Year, everyone! After a restful and well deserved break, we're back for Season 10 and we've got a very timely topic: training our body and brain to improve our wellbeing and perform at peak state. This episode is perfect for those who need a motivational nudge with their new year, 'new you' resolutions.


My guest is the multi talented Andrew May. He is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, CEO and founder of StriveStronger.com, a boutique media and digital consultancy that delivers workplace wellbeing, coaching and leadership programs. Andrew's unique background in professional sport, academia, performance coaching and business positions him perfectly to discuss mind-body training for peak performance. In addition, Andrew's media experience, communication skills and experience as a coach allow him to cut through by asking simple, yet profound questions that inspire individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential.


In this thought provoking episode, Andrew and I discuss:

  • How the stories we tell ourselves limit our beliefs and our concept of success

  • Why having a B-side to our life and persona helps us with acceptance

  • Why positive self talk is important

  • The power of writing to get your thoughts in order

  • The 6 key areas in your life that you need to optimise, from his brilliant book MatchFit, co-authored with Dr Tom Buckley.


Andrew is author of the bestselling book Flip the Switch and the recently released MatchFit which has sold more than 75,000 copies. He has a regular segment on ABC News Breakfast and appears across multiple media platforms including TV, radio, printed publications and online. His popular Business Fit Podcast is designed to support small business owners manage their physical and psychological wellbeing. 


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