Podcast Episode 097: How to Thrive with Marie McLeod


"Thriving is not a spectator sport. Sometimes, showing up is enough but you have to hold yourself and other people in your space accountable for thriving. Find the balance between grit and grace. Know when you need to dig in deep or when you need to fall back with self compassion."
In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast we're exploring the science of what is right about the human experience and how positive psychology can progress the conversation about mental ill-health in our community. My guest is Marie McLeod, Director of Thriveability and the guiding force behind the upcoming documentary, 'How To Thrive: practical guide to happiness.' in which she coaches 10 volunteers with mental health issues to help them learn ‘how to thrive.'
In this episode, Marie and I discuss:
  • How the documentary come about - the magic of synchronicity!
  • Mechanisms and tools that help us get through difficulties.
  • The BEACON model of wellbeing and how to use it.
  • Self-compassion and finding the balance between 'grit and grace.'
  • Exploring the capacity to thrive despite struggle - documentary participants' real life stories.
  • Why Marie was inspired to use the documentary format and an exclusive peak behind the scenes of the "How To Thrive" project.
You can watch the trailer to the magnificent documentary "How To Thrive" here.

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