Podcast Episode 98: Examining the "Power Posing" Phenomenon with Tom Loncar



"At its core, this study emphasises that our bodies are important. Anything that gets you out of your head and creating an in-the-moment kind of awareness is a powerful and useful thing. Physical awareness is an extra option and options have value."


Scientific research, especially in the psychological sciences, is rarely linear. There is no definitive answer and, as with most things, context is important. This is evident in the conversations that have sparked around 'Power Posing' or the idea that body positions can change the way you think and feel.


My guest today's guest is Tom Loncar, executive coach, writer, researcher on leadership psychology and mindset and founder of “Grow Gravitas." In a recent article for the British Psychological Society Tom examined power posing’s 10-year journey and the role that it has played in social science research. It's a great article about a fascinating topic - whether small postural adjustment make us feel more powerful when facing stressful situations. But while power posing is interesting in its own right, it has an even more fascinating back story that sees it embroiled in psychology's replication crisis'.


Listen in to hear Tom and I geek out about:

  • Power posing: What it is and why it took the world by storm.
  • Why there is rarely a 'silver bullet' for behaviour change.
  • How Tom got started in his in-depth research by diving down rabbit holes.
  • A short but long history of embodiment or 'embodied cognition' and how our bodies influence our emotions.
  • The role Power Posing played in behavioural science's 'replication crisis'.
  • Where the dialogue is now for 'power posing' and where it might take us next.


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