Podcast Episode 004: Rethinking the Naughty Corner: Helping Kids Manage Stress with Michelle Taylor

In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast Ellen talks to Chelle Taylor, child and family psychologist, about helping kids to manage stress and anxiety. Chelle is an expert in neurodevelopment and she explains how our brain responds to...

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Podcast Episode 003: Power Posing in the Bathroom and Boosting Self Belief with Melanie Schilling

Melanie Schilling on the Potential Psychology Podcast

Today on the podcast I have the great pleasure of chatting to Mel Schilling, psychologist and relationship coach. You might know Mel as one of the experts on Married At First Sight Australia

But Mel is not just a TV...

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Podcast Episode 002: Playing Minecraft and Parenting in the Digital Age with Martine Oglethorpe

Today I’m very excited to welcome parenting and e-safety expert Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent to the podcast. Martine works with students and parents through schools and other organisations to help them safely and smartly...

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Podcast Episode 001: Screw Ups and Steps to Happiness with Dr Jo Mitchell

It’s Episode 1 and my guest is Dr Jo Mitchell, Director of The Mind Room - a wellbeing, psychology and performance clinic in the the uber-hipster inner-city suburb of Collingwood in Melbourne. 

I’m really excited to have Jo on...

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Podcast Episode 000: Welcome to the Potential Psychology Podcast

And so it begins!

I’m very excited that you are here, joining me to launch the podcast - And this podcast is for you. I’ve created it to share the wisdom, knowledge, passion and experience of my amazing guests - and they are amazing...

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Keeping well, focused and productive when you’re stressed and anxious

Life is very uncertain right now. We don’t know how COVID-19 is going to play out in our community and in our world. Nor do we know the impact it will have on our health and our lifestyle or when things will return to...

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Adapting to Change

I’ve started an Adapting to Change Tips series to help us better navigate a world turned upside down by COVID-19. You can also find these tips on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). In case you missed any of the...

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Let's Catch Up! Lessons Learned from Being on Lockdown.

I hope you and yours are doing good. Hopefully, you’re healthy and happy or at least staying sane.

We’re back from a long-ish hiatus, and with that time off comes growth and exciting new things. We’ve also picked up learnings...

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2022 is Six Months Away, How are you Doing with your Goals? Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series on Goal Setting and Mid Year Review. Part 1 takes you back to your motivations and what you have accomplished in the year so far. Part 2 looks forward to the rest of the year and focuses on achieving the...

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2022 is Six Months Away, How are you Doing with your Goals? Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on Goal Setting and Mid Year Review. Part 1 takes you back to your motivations and what you have accomplished in the year so far. In Part 2, we look forward to the rest of the year and focus on achieving the...

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How Real People Combat the Winter Blues

Are you feeling a shift in mood with the change of weather?

Winter has arrived in Australia and if the cold weather has you feeling lethargic and low you’re not alone. 1 in 300 Australians suffer from an extreme case of the winter...

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3 Reasons Why Humans Hate Change

Change is not an event. It’s a psychological experience.

That’s why it’s so difficult.

In your head change is single action that’s happening to you - you get promoted, lose a team member or move house. Or it’s...

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4 Productivity Tools that Produce the Best Results

There is no shortage of timers, calendars, to-do lists, apps and journals promising to revolutionise your time management and boost your productivity sky high, but how do you know which ones work?

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing...

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5 Must Read Books to Boost Your Productivity and Performance

Getting to grips with your mind to boost your productivity and well being is our theme for the month here at Potential Psychology.

I had a ball running my webinar What Psychologists Know About Creating a Powerfully Productive Mind (catch the...

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The Parenting Mistake We All Make When it Comes to Kids and Feelings

“I just want my child to be happy”

It’s what we say when asked what we hope for our child’s future.

Then we leave that happiness to chance.

We talk to our kids about their feelings...

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