Let's Catch Up! Lessons Learned from Being on Lockdown.

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I hope you and yours are doing good. Hopefully, you’re healthy and happy or at least staying sane.

We’re back from a long-ish hiatus, and with that time off comes growth and exciting new things. We’ve also picked up learnings along the way…and a lot of things to be grateful for.

Grateful for growth and exciting new things

As Winston Churchill aptly said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. And I was presented the perfect opportunity to give back to the community in the form of Program Lead role for the Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Community Leadership program. The goal of Regional Community Leadership Programs is to deliver a year long personal and professional development program that facilitates the emergence of local leaders, strengthens community leadership capabilities and connects our community leaders with regional development initiatives. As our past guest, the lovely Andrea Downie, puts it: “t’s the perfect opportunity to create whole systems growth.”

While that was happening, there has been parallel growth within the Potential Psychology Team. We’ve partnered with the fabulous Tamsin, and the online business managers of Your Online Team. We welcomed a new team member, Sharry, who took on the role of Admin Manager. Jaie is now freed up to focus her full attention as our content producer - including the podcast, blog and social media. Andy of course continues as the genius behind our audio editing and engineering.

Aside from new roles and new partnerships, there’s one more thing that’s keeping us happy on the Potential Psychology home front. We have a new puppy! Coco is our official WFH office mascot. A job she takes very seriously. Everyday, she provides unparalleled emotional support and a jolly office morale boost. However, she hasn’t mastered Zoom/Skype meetings yet and likes to bark and make cameo appearance during video conferences.

Grateful for learning

The past 6 months have stretched our patience. It has tested how much we can take and how well we can adjust to constant change. It has also given us some points to ponder.

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience and adoptability lately. Knowing that a lot of people share the same questions that I have, make me feel a little less lonely and a bit more eager to explore the answers, however vague and uncertain the circumstances are right now. I’ve written a tips series that you can follow on our social media accounts (Facebook,Instagram, and LinkedIn).

Grateful for your support

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