Multitalented Guests We've Had On The Potential Psychology Podcast


“To do or not to do; that is the question.”

— William Shakespeare


For many of the guests we’ve had on the Potential Psychology Podcast, “not to do” is out of the question. These experts have more than a simple interest in their favourite topics. They have followed through on those interests and developed expertise, excellence and multiple means of sharing their knowledge with us. We’ve had a few multi talented guests on our podcast who write books, share via video and produce their own podcasts. Here are five worth checking out to boost your knowledge:


 1. Dr. Diana Hill 

Dr. Diana Hill specializes in evidence-based and compassion-focused approaches to building a values-rich life. In Episode 096: How to Flourish Outside Your Comfort Zone, Diana and I talked about psychological flexibility, perspective-taking, and shifting your self-image, among other things. 

As an author, her books on Acceptance and Commitment Training guide people through the six core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)—including mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based living— plus a seventh: self-compassion. Her ACT Daily with Compassion Course explores how to balance your threat and drive systems with warm heartedness, while learning strategies to commit daily to caring for yourself and others.

This year Diana has also launched a brand new podcast called “Your Life in Process,” in which she lays down a roadmap for growing a compassionate, healthy, and rewarding life.


2. Cass Dunn 

Cass Dunn is a clinical & coaching psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, podcaster and author. We’ve had her twice on the show. In Season 1 Episode 010: Following Your Curiosity: Careers, Coaching and Courage, Cass and I talked about exploring our way around career paths, taking chances, reframing risk and finding happiness. In Season 8 Episode 094: Job Crafting and Creating More Meaning in Work, we talked about the importance of job satisfaction for our happiness and how we can craft our work circumstances to increase our fulfillment without having to make a major career change.

Cass has a podcast called “Crappy to Happy,” which has consistently ranked at the top of the health and wellbeing podcasts on Apple Podcasts since it launched in 2017. She also has a hugely popular “Crappy to Happy” book series which details simple steps to live your best life. The third installment in that series has just been released and is available in bookstores now.


3. Dr. Stan Steindl  

Dr. Stan Steindl is a Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Author of the insightful and beautifully written book: "The Gifts of Compassion: How to understand and overcome suffering." In Episode 092: Developing the Indomitable Gift of Compassion, Stan gives us a starting point to understanding compassion and guides us through discovering our most compassionate selves.

Stan also has an eponymous YouTube channel via which he shares bite sized videos to guide us on how to cultivate a compassionate mind. He also discusses topics including motivation, commitment, compassion and self compassion. My favorite video is a fairly recent one called “5 Evidence-Based Benefits to Mental Health of Compassion Focused Therapy.” 


 4. Andrew May  

Andrew May is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, CEO and founder of, a boutique media and digital consultancy that delivers workplace wellbeing, coaching and leadership programs. He was our first guest on the Potential Psychology Podcast for Season 8. In Episode 091: Getting Your Mind and Body Fit For Life, Andrew and I talk about how the stories we tell ourselves limit our beliefs and our concept of success, why having a B-side to our life and persona helps us to live with acceptance. We also chat about why positive self talk is important to our wellbeing. 

Andrew tells us that there are 6 key areas in your life that we need to optimise to get our body and brain in the best possible shape for work, and for life. He details this in his best selling book, Matchfit.

Andrew is also a podcaster. His show, Business Fit is designed to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing; improve resilience and mental health; and help small businesses adapt to new ways of working.


5. Eric Winters

Eric Winters is a self leadership coach, speaker and author. In Episode 089: Turning Challenges Into Our Most Rewarding Experiences, Eric and I talked about Self Leadership, practicing courage and developing the capacity to take action, and working through and working around self-limiting mindsets and expectations.

You may also know him as the author of the best selling book “Swipe Right on Your Best Self.” The book describes simple strategies backed by science to meet life’s challenges more effectively.

Eric’s work is grounded in over 20 years of international corporate experience, two masters degrees in human behaviour change, and over 12 years experience in helping leaders and their teams become more proactive, courageous and collaborative.

He's also a great conversationalist who peppers discussions with humour, insight and positivity. He showcases this in a series of short, fun, and educational videos on his website. My favorite one is, “Some Participants Are Harder To Mute Than Others.” He talks about confidence and courage by using Zoom meetings as a very relatable example.

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Aug 09, 2022