Podcast Episode 097: How to Thrive with Marie McLeod

"Thriving is not a spectator sport. Sometimes, showing up is enough but you have to hold yourself and other people in your space accountable for thriving. Find the balance between grit and grace. Know when you need to dig in deep or when you need...
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Podcast Episode 096: How to Flourish Outside Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Diana Hill


"When you step out of your comfort zone, there's going to be a whole slew of thoughts that show up. There are going to be uncomfortable emotions that show up. Acceptance is our capacity to really get curious, open and allow and be willing...

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Podcast Episode 095: Exploring How Hypnosis Can Unlock the Power of the Mind with Erika Flint

"Most humans have been training for anxiety their whole life. We live in a mostly anxious society where it's all about hustling, getting straight A's...it's just really stressful. So (our) brain is designed for an anxious life. If we give our...

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Podcast Episode 094: Job Crafting and Creating More Meaning in Work with Cass Dunn

Today's podcast guest is the energetic Cassandra Dunn. Cass is a clinical & coaching psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also a podcaster, author, online course creator, speaker and workshop facilitator. In this episode...

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Podcast Episode 093: Demystifying Sleep with Siobhan Banks


Do you have conversations about sleep in your workplace? Do you know what shift work, working across time zones or catching up on work into the night can do to your safety, productivity and wellbeing? Ever wondered about the...

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Podcast Episode 092: Developing the Indomitable Gift of Compassion with Dr. Stan Steindl


We all struggle at times with our relationships, in parenting, at work. We all get sad, stressed and worried. We might feel lonely or isolated. We might feel fear, guilt or shame. These are all forms of suffering, much of which comes from...

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Podcast Episode 091: Getting Your Mind and Body Fit For Life with Andrew May


Happy New Year, everyone! After a restful and well deserved break, we're back for Season 10 and we've got a very timely topic: training our body and brain to improve our wellbeing and perform at peak state. This episode is perfect for...

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Podcast Episode 090: Inside the Dynamic PPP Team with Jaie Obillo, Andy Maher, and Tamsin Parry

Today's international episode is an extra special one and got me thinking "why haven't done this earlier?" It explores the dynamics of remote working teams and gives us a peek inside the inner workings of the Potential Psychology Team. My...

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Podcast Episode 089: Turning Challenges Into Our Most Rewarding Experiences with Eric Winters


Our guest today is self leadership coach, speaker and author Eric Winters. His book, "Swipe Right on Your Best Self: Simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets", is an uplifting and informative guide that describes simple...

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Podcast Episode 088: Exploring the Complex Power of Physical Intelligence with Dr. Scott Grafton

We are all aware the mind and body connection and how one affects the other, but this connection goes well beyond common cliché. Movement actually affords us a host of physical and neurological benefits that can help us make better...

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Podcast Episode 087: Dispelling Anger Fallacies with Dr. Steven Laurent

What are your beliefs about anger? 

Is it a 'negative' emotion? The cause of distrust and destruction? Does it equate in your mind to aggression? Indignation? Rage? 

Can anger be helpful? Does it fuel action? Motivate? Even...

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Podcast Episode 086: Don't Blame The Reptilian Brain with Dr. Sarah McKay

Today, speaker, media personality, and Australian-based neuroscientist Dr. Sarah McKay, returns to our podcast to talk about our emotions, our brain, some misconceptions about reptiles and why we're not beholden to emotional and behavioural...

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Podcast Episode 085: Facing Your Fears and Learning to Grow with Dr Patricia Zurita Ona

My guest today is a licensed clinical psychologist from sunny California. Dr Patricia Zurita Ona, fondly known as Dr. Z, is talking to us about overcoming the challenges of fear-based responses, an experience she knows well. Growing up in...

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Podcast Episode 084: A quick catch up - The latest news from Potential Psychology HQ

After taking a long-ish hiatus from the Potential Psychology Podcast to focus on introspection, self-care, and exploring available opportunities in the midst of a pandemic, I am back with inspiring guests and engaging episodes for you.



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Podcast Episode 083: Finding Antifragililty in a World Afraid of Failure with Dr Paige Williams

“As complex adaptive systems, it’s actually struggle that helps us thrive.”

I am so pleased to be joined in this episode by Dr. Paige Williams to chat about her work in learning and teaching others about resilience and...

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