Podcast Episode 034: Mashing Movies with Wellbeing and Counting What Counts with Anna Box

My guest today has found a way to take the human experiences that we’re often not great at talking about openly and make them accessible through story and story telling.

Her name is Anna Box. She is a psychologist and story strategist and...

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Podcast Episode 033: Flipping the Switch to Positive Parenting with Professor Lea Waters

Tired of nagging and arguing with the kids? Today's guest suggests that you flip the switch to positive for happier, healthier kids and greater harmony for the whole family.

Professor Lea Waters is one of the world’s leading experts on...

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Podcast Episode 032: Don't Pursue Happiness, Prepare for Wellbeing. Intellectual Adventuring & Thrivability with Professor Lindsay Oades

Has the mental health pendulum swung too far?

Distress is a contentious topic. We no longer accept ‘toughen up, don’t cry’ as the appropriate message for our kids, schools, even workplaces but my guest today argues that...

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Podcast Episode 031: Living Well and Having Impact with Dr Adrian Medhurst

This episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast is brought to you by PAFOW and their upcoming Sydney event, PAFOW20 Sydney: Honoring the Human Experience in the Age of AI & Perpetual Change

Welcome back. Our Summer Series - in which we are...

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Podcast Episode 030: Work, Stress and Managing Life’s Bubbles in a World of Tech and Connection with Dr Melissa Marot

Drowning in email? Swamped by notifications? Stressed by endless work demands?

How do you disconnect in a working world that’s switched on 24/7?

In this episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast I talk to Dr Melissa Marot, Clinical...

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Podcast Episode 029: Launching a Conversation about Work and Wellbeing with Karen Gillespie


It’s time to talk on the podcast about work and the role that work plays in our wellbeing.

Joining me for this episode is Organisational Psychologist and well being expert Karen Gillespie from the New South Wales-based consulting...

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Podcast Episode 028: Finding a Space for Men and Boys with Carl Nelms

This episode of the Potential Psychology Podcast is for the men and boys - and the parents and partners of men and boys.

My guest is Carl Nelms, psychologist and founder of Blokes Psychology, a psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia...

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Podcast Episode 027: Are We Building Strong People? with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

“This is a generation that is ­really struggling. It speaks to me of a lack of ­resilience. The bottom line is that I don’t think we are preparing even the little kids or the biggest kids for adversity.’’


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Podcast Episode 026: Fostering Hope and Purpose in Our Kids with Rachel Colla


We are turning our attention to kids and young people for our next couple of episodes of the podcast and in this episode I’m talking to psychologist Rachel Colla from Merakai about helping our kids to find a sense of hope and...

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Podcast Episode 025: Eating Well and Thinking Well with Dr Naomi Malone

We all eat but have you given much thought to why you eat what you eat? Or when you eat? Or how you eat? Have you thought about your relationship with food?

My guest today is Dr Naomi Malone, from A Life Simply Lived, a rural psychology...

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Podcast Episode 024: Conquer Your Nerves for Stellar Performance with Anastasia Hronis

Ever felt nervous before a big presentation, exam or performance? The sweaty palms? Jumpy tummy? Racing heart?

Have you noticed what where your mind goes in these moments? Do worries of impending disaster or freezing at the critical moment...

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Podcast Episode 023: How To Rubberise Your Brain for an Optimal Life with Jacquelyn Cranney and Sue Morris

We all know what we’re supposed to do achieve our study, work and life goals but we rarely do it, do we? Instead we procrastinate and worry, waste time and stress ourselves out.

My guests today are co-authors of a new book, ‘The...

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Podcast Episode 022: The Psychological Life of An Elite Athlete with Dr Deidre Anderson

My guest for this episode is Dee Anderson, a Performance and Wellbeing Specialist who works with elite athletes, business people and young people to assist them with transitions in their lives and their personal development.

Dee is a Director...

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Podcast Episode 021: Managing Your Mind in a High Stakes Environment with Olympian and Psychologist Caroline Anderson

My guest today is Caroline Anderson from Performance Edge Psychology. Caroline is one of those people who seems to have hit the talent jackpot. She not only runs two successful psychology practices, she also delivers programs and workshops to...

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Podcast Episode 020: Exercising to Fulfill Your Potential with Nonie Carr

Love it or hate it, today’s show is about exercise - and how you can use it to fulfil your potential.

My guest is Nonie Carr, a Melbourne based psychologist from Enhance Life Psychology. Nonie has a passion for cycling and the benefits of...

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