Podcast Episode 019: How to Make a Smooth Transition to Parenthood with Nadene van der Linden

This episode is one for the new parents and parents to be.

My guest is clinical psychologist and parenting expert Nadene van der Linden. We're chatting about the psychological transition that we make when we move from non-parent to parent. What...

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Podcast Episode 018: Disrupting Education and Thriving at School with Andrea Downie

My guest today is on a mission to disrupt education and spread well being throughout schools, organisations and our community. 

Andrea Downie is co-founder of Project Thrive, an Australian consultancy firm that collaborates with its...

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Podcast Episode 017: Kids, Education and The Future of Work with Dr Joseph Sweeney

  • What is the future of work and how do we prepare our kids for it?

  • Are schools and universities setting kids up for future success?

  • Does technology in the classroom improve outcomes for kids?

  • Should every school student be learning to...

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Podcast Episode 016: Gender, Identity and Being Your Authentic Self with Dr Madeline Fernbach

Something to get you thinking today. I'm talking to Dr Madeline Fernbach, Australian Clinical Psychologist with expertise and a passion for working with the transgender and gender fluid community.

Madeline is fascinated by identity and the way...

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Podcast Episode 015: Pocket Interviews at The World's Largest Happiness & Wellbeing Conference

Something completely different for you on the podcast this week.

I recorded this episode at the 13th Happiness & Its Causes Conference in sunny Sydney, Australia. It's five pocket interviews and an insight into the conference highlights for...

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Podcast Episode 014: A self care revolution: Nurturing your head, heart and body with Suzy Reading


I'm very excited that my guest for this episode not only shares two of my personal passions - psychology and yoga - but she combines the two in her professional practice to help everyday people thrive through life's challenges and...

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Podcast Episode 013: Hey Warrior! Helping anxious kids (and adults) to find their brave with Karen Young

My guest today is Karen Young, founder of the popular 'Hey Sigmund' website. Karen is a psychologist, an author, a speaker, an educator and a parent.

She founded Hey Sigmund after realising the power of solid information to help us to manage...

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Podcast Episode 012: Designing your Mind for Peak Productivity with James Garrett

My guest today is James Garrett, the founder and CEO of Brain by Design - a US-based organisation that teaches strategies for getting more from your mind. He’s a psychologist, a former academic, co-founder of a highly successful social...

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Podcast Episode 011: Big Life Drama and Daily Discord: Overcoming Adversity with Eileen Lenson

Today’s guest and I are separated by 13,000 km and the mighty Pacific Ocean but thanks to the wonders of technology we chat in this episode as though we're in the same room.

Eileen Lenson is in California and she is talking to us about...

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Podcast Episode 010: Following Your Curiosity: Careers, Coaching and Courage with Cassandra Dunn

What a great way to round out Season One of the Potential Psychology Podcast!

This is a fun and fabulous interview with exuberant and engaging coaching and clinical psychologist Cassandra Dunn. Cass and I chat, laugh and explore our way around...

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Podcast Episode 009: From Prisons to The Sweet Life with Laura Braid

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Potential Psychology Podcast!

In this episode I chat to the delightful Laura Braid from The Sweet Life. Laura started her career as a forensic psychologist in Scotland, delivered ground breaking programs with...

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Podcast Episode 008: Simplifying Life, Starting in the Kitchen with Jules Clancy

In Episode 8 of the Potential Psychology Podcast we take a fascinating little side path into the world of food, cooking, simplicity and wellbeing.

My guest is Jules Clancy from StoneSoup: Simple Weeknight Dinners. Jules is a food...

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Podcast Episode 007: Quiet Confidence, Transitions and Leadership with Dr Tess Crawley

In this episode of the Podcast I have the great pleasure of chatting to a woman who has moved from working largely in her profession of clinical psychology to working on her profession, and helping to enhance the well being and fulfil the...

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Podcast Episode 006: Mythbusting, neuroscience and a woman's brain with Dr. Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay is an Oxford educated neuroscientist who hung up her lab coat 10 years ago to teach, write and speak about brain health and applied neuroscience. She's the creator of The Neuroscience Academy - an online professional development...

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Podcast Episode 005: Destination: World Wide Wellbeing. A Chat About Strengths and Optimal Human Functioning with Dr. Suzy Green

In Episode 5 of the Potential Psychology Podcast I talk to Dr Suzy Green, Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and Founder of The Positivity Institute.

Suzy is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I have ever met. She is prolific in...

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