3 Reasons Why Humans Hate Change

Change is not an event. It’s a psychological experience.

That’s why it’s so difficult.

In your head change is single action that’s happening to you - you get promoted, lose a team member or move house. Or it’s...

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4 Productivity Tools that Produce the Best Results

There is no shortage of timers, calendars, to-do lists, apps and journals promising to revolutionise your time management and boost your productivity sky high, but how do you know which ones work?

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing...

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5 Must Read Books to Boost Your Productivity and Performance

Getting to grips with your mind to boost your productivity and well being is our theme for the month here at Potential Psychology.

I had a ball running my webinar What Psychologists Know About Creating a Powerfully Productive Mind (catch the...

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The Parenting Mistake We All Make When it Comes to Kids and Feelings

“I just want my child to be happy”

It’s what we say when asked what we hope for our child’s future.

Then we leave that happiness to chance.

We talk to our kids about their feelings...

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9 Online Psychologists to Follow in 2019

This is the third in our annual series, sharing the amazing work of fellow psychologists producing amazing products and services online.

Let me introduce you to 9 online psychologists to follow in 2019….

Plus a bonus one, you...

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Nail Your Productivity and Performance in 2019 with Our Podcast Experts

Here’s a round-up of the best productivity and performance tips from the experts I’ve interviewed in Seasons 1 to 3 of the Potential Psychology Podcast.

  • How to manage stress

  • How to balance work and well being

  • What we can...

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Your favourite Podcast Episodes from Season 2

Here’s a round-up of your favourite episodes from Season 2 of the Potential Psychology Podcast.

We’re talking yoga, resilience, thriving schools, productivity and how to help anxious kids - and grown ups.

Tune in to learn from...

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The Best Parenting tips from the Potential Psychology Podcast

Here’s a round-up of the best parenting tips from our podcast!

Our podcast guests discuss:

  • Parenting in the digital age

  • Tips for creating healthy young men

  • Developing hope and purpose

  • The work-life juggle that comes with...

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Your favourite Episodes from Season 1 of the Potential Psychology Podcast

The Potential Psychology Podcast launched on 21 March 2018 and we hit the ground running with inspiring, educational and entertaining expert guests.

While we take a break and ready ourselves for the launch of Season 4, we thought we’d...

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The Podcasts Psychologists Are Listening To

No-one is more intrigued by human behaviour than psychologists. It’s our life, our passion, our purpose.

We’re an avid podcast audience with a love of learning and podcasts are such a simple way to learn on the go. I asked fellow...

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A Psychologist’s 8 Strategies for Less Stress at Christmas

For most of us the holidays are heart warming, fun filled events but the lead up can be stressful. Family dynamics, financial demands, and the sheer volume of extra activity are among the top stressors.

To keep you a little zen as you wade...

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6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

I’m often asked by fellow parents, blog readers and podcast listeners for book recommendations. I have my favourites but when I need a recommendation for parenting books I look beyond my library and crowd source from my colleagues who...

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5 Ways a Holiday Break Will Make Next Year Your Best Yet

With nine weeks remaining of this year I’m entering the holiday ambivalence zone. I’m impatient for a break from work and responsibilities. I long for languorous summer days with a novel and no agenda and I’m excited about the...

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