The Parenting Mistake We All Make When it Comes to Kids and Feelings

“I just want my child to be happy”

It’s what we say when asked what we hope for our child’s future.

Then we leave that happiness to chance.

We talk to our kids about their feelings...

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The Best Parenting tips from the Potential Psychology Podcast

Here’s a round-up of the best parenting tips from our podcast!

Our podcast guests discuss:

  • Parenting in the digital age

  • Tips for creating healthy young men

  • Developing hope and purpose

  • The work-life juggle that comes with...

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6 Psychologist Recommended Books for Easier Parenting

I’m often asked by fellow parents, blog readers and podcast listeners for book recommendations. I have my favourites but when I need a recommendation for parenting books I look beyond my library and crowd source from my colleagues who...

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