Podcast Episode 108: Hope and Getting Ready for a New Year


"Hope is believing that the future will be better than what life is today and believing that we have the power to make that so."


Who else needs to hear that right now?


Want to know more? Well, hope is the hot topic for this...

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Podcast Episode 107: Nurture and Getting Splendid Sleep

"A good night's sleep starts the moment we wake up."


We're almost at the end of Season 11 with 2 more episodes left. Today, we're back with our second to the last episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive", a collaboration...

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Podcast Episode 106: Optimism and Creating Jolts of Joy


"When we feel a moment of hope, pride, love, serenity, gratitude, inspiration... we actually open up and quite literally. We broaden our peripheral vision and expand our brain."


In the 6th episode of our new weekly podcast series...

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Podcast Episode 105: Compassion and Being Your Own Best Friend

"If only each of us realized the full extent to which all our problems, fears, and desires are shared by the rest of humanity, we'd all be so much more connected, self-forgiving, vulnerable, open, and free."


In this, the 5th episode of our...

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Podcast Episode 104: Accountability and Walking the Line Between Grit and Grace


"Thriving is not a spectator sport. You can't sit back and watch it happen."


This is the 4th episode of our new weekly podcast series "How To Thrive", a collaboration with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod. This series is all...

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Podcast Episode 103: Engagement and Getting into a State of "Flow"

"Flow requires us to use our strengths. Sadly many of us don't really know what those are. One of the first things that you must do is to identify these strengths. What are those things that your brain is wired to do, those things that you love...

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Podcast Episode 101: How To Thrive: Exploring What's Strong Instead of What's Wrong

We're shaking things up a bit in season 11 of the show with a new format. I am co-hosting this series with positive psychology coach Marie McLeod - our wonderful guest from our "How To Thrive" episode in season 10.


In this podcast series,...

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Podcast Episode 100: Smashing the Stigma Around Mental Health at The Mind Room with Jo Mitchell

"Go and see a psychologist because you want to be premium" - Dr Jo Mitchell
In our world the number 100 is of great significance. 100 is the basis of percentages, 100° Celsius is the boiling point of pure water at sea level,...
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Podcast Episode 99: Working In Your Zone of Genius with Kristy Smith


"The key thing is to know if it's in your 'zone of genius' or if you could actually hand that down to someone who can do it 10x faster. Let go of the need for control."

In this wonderful discussion my guest and I are talking work and...

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Podcast Episode 98: Examining the "Power Posing" Phenomenon with Tom Loncar


"At its core, this study emphasises that our bodies are important. Anything that gets you out of your head and creating an in-the-moment kind of awareness is a powerful and useful thing. Physical awareness is an extra option and options...

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Podcast Episode 097: How to Thrive with Marie McLeod

"Thriving is not a spectator sport. Sometimes, showing up is enough but you have to hold yourself and other people in your space accountable for thriving. Find the balance between grit and grace. Know when you need to dig in deep or when you need...
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Podcast Episode 096: How to Flourish Outside Your Comfort Zone with Dr. Diana Hill


"When you step out of your comfort zone, there's going to be a whole slew of thoughts that show up. There are going to be uncomfortable emotions that show up. Acceptance is our capacity to really get curious, open and allow and be willing...

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Podcast Episode 095: Exploring How Hypnosis Can Unlock the Power of the Mind with Erika Flint

"Most humans have been training for anxiety their whole life. We live in a mostly anxious society where it's all about hustling, getting straight A's...it's just really stressful. So (our) brain is designed for an anxious life. If we give our...

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Podcast Episode 094: Job Crafting and Creating More Meaning in Work with Cass Dunn

Today's podcast guest is the energetic Cassandra Dunn. Cass is a clinical & coaching psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is also a podcaster, author, online course creator, speaker and workshop facilitator. In this episode...

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Podcast Episode 093: Demystifying Sleep with Siobhan Banks


Do you have conversations about sleep in your workplace? Do you know what shift work, working across time zones or catching up on work into the night can do to your safety, productivity and wellbeing? Ever wondered about the...

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