Ready to nail Hybrid Work for your team in 2022?

Hybrid work is here to stay but no-one wants endless back-to-back meetings and Zoom Gloom.

Join me to discover the six strategies you'll need for best practice work from home, reclaiming post COVID workdays,  and supporting your team to thrive.

It's time to say hello to a happier, healthier team and calmer, more intentional flexible work - and positive mental health 😃



What if the new way of working post COVID was healthier? Happier? 

Are you ready to make it happen?

And do you have the tools? 

Forget about The Great Resignation. Now is your chance to create The Great Workplace Reset.

Right now we're facing an opportunity; a new way of working. A healthier, happier, more balanced way of working. A way of working that contributes to positive mental health.

The pandemic has altered the way we work, making hybrid work the norm. But in our hurry to adapt we've made workdays longer, with blurry boundaries between work and home, too many meetings - and not enough bathroom breaks! We've lost connection and collaboration - critical to wellbeing.

Now is your chance to create a workday with intention - for you and your team. A workday that's productive, calm, balanced, purposeful and sustainable, whether you're based together in the office or working from home.

But how do you do it?

What tools do you need?

Let me walk you through the six strategies you'll need for best practice hybrid work and creating high performing, happy teams - based on wellbeing science and workplace psychology. 

Develop your Hybrid Work Plan for 2022 with tips from psychologists, remote work experts and experienced leaders.


I'll show you how, step by step!



Here's what we'll cover...

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First, we'll get you schooled in the facts about the future of work and what it means for leaders. 

The stats tell us we want flexible work but not all flexibility is good flexibility. What does the research tell us about what employees want? And how do we avoid Bad Flexibility?


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Then, we'll explore what it means to create a mentally healthy workplace and why now is the perfect time to do it as we transition to Workplace 2.0

Fun fact: It's much simpler than it sounds. I'll give you the tools, walk you through the 'how' and explain the psychology behind it so you know why it works.

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Finally, we'll devise a work day that works for you and your team. No more Meeting Creep and Zoom Gloom. 

The BEST part - create your plan for hybrid work including collaboration, focused time, performance conversations, task location, boundaries and tech tools that successfully balances employer and employee needs - all based on best practice, greater leadership and positive mental health. 


Hi, I'm Ellen👋

Workplace psychologist and your masterclass leader


My passion is helping you and your workplace to understand the ins and out of human behaviour and to use this knowledge to achieve your goals. 

Everything I teach is supported by scientific research so we know it works. I overlay this with a nuanced understanding of individuals and how they function to help you and your workplace to thrive and flourish.

I created this Masterclass after hearing client after client lament the fact that hybrid work and work from home wasn't working for their team. Too many meetings, blurry boundaries between work and home and not nearly enough bathroom breaks!

That's no way to thrive. 

But disruption brings opportunity and there are simple steps you can take as a leader to create a better hybrid work day that fuels happiness, health, productivity and purpose for your team.

Let me show you how.


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