Personality Test


Personality Test


Discover your unique personality fingerprint and the right path for you with the Truity Typefinder Personality Test.

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Discover Your 4 Letter Personality Type



Who is the personality test for?

The Truity Typefinder Personality Test is a simple, online questionnaire that reveals how the 23 facets of your personality make up your unique personality fingerprint. This test gives you the insight and confidence to know what's right for you.

How it works

The Typefinder questionnaire is quick and simple. Log in, answer multiple choice questions and your personalised report will be sent to you instantly.

In a matter of minutes you will know:

  • Your four letter personality type.

  • What gives you energy and how to cultivate more energy for the things you love.

  • How you like to learn, think and live, making decisions simpler.

  • Which leads you - Your head? Or your heart? How does this drive you and help you to avoid conflict?

  • The 5 Facets of Your Lifestyle and how you can balance your responsibilities with fun and relaxation.

Check out this sample report to fully understand how this assessment will help you.