Photo by  Nik MacMillan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

A launching pad for leadership transformation

It's the leader who shapes workplace culture and to create a flourishing culture you need a flourishing leader.

Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS)

"Hundreds of studies conducted by pioneers of positive organizational psychology, including Jane Dutton and Kim Cameron at the University of Michigan and Adam Grant at Wharton, demonstrate that a workplace characterized by a positive work culture leads to improved employee loyalty, engagement, performance, creativity, and productivity" HBR, April 2016

The GLWS is a unique survey tool that takes a snapshot of a leader's ability to work well and live well. It delves into the 'whole person', exploring:

  • Authentic Relationships
  • Meaning, Purpose & Direction
  • Resilience & Equanimity
  • Vitality & Energy
  • Balance & Boundaries
  • Intellectual Engagement & Flow

 The result is enhanced wellbeing, stronger engagement, greater resilience, improved productivity and sustained high performance. 



EQi and EQ360 Assessment

  • A robust, objective assessment of your self-awareness, self-management and emotional and interpersonal capabilities using the EQi questionnaire.
  • A comprehensive 360 degree review of your emotional intelligence.
  • A full face to face debrief of your profile with optional additional one-to-one coaching.

You can view a sample report here. Or contact Ellen to discuss your needs.