Welcome to The 'Stop Stalling' 5 Step Goal Challenge

Your simple, science backed program for making major progress on your goals.


Sick of procrastinating? Fed up with delay? Ready to get that 'one day' project started NOW?

Whether you're writing a book, starting a business, building a web site or cleaning out the overwhelming mess in the garage, this is the challenge for you!

Join me as we kick start progress, transform the way you work and make your 'one day' project come to life TODAY.

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In the following lessons you will find tips, exercises, activities and knowledge bites based on the psychology of peak performance. Everything is science-based and rigorously tested, so we know it works, and it's designed to get you on the road to major goal progress immediately.

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All YOU need to do is take a few minutes each day to follow the 5 steps and take simple action - and I do mean ACTION.

Don't just read, think and plan. Do the tasks I set, complete the activities and follow the tips. 

Intention is not enough to make your plans reality. The best of intentions increase your likelihood of success by 20 - 30%. We want 100% success!


With coaching support - free!

Join me and let me help you.

At points throughout the program I encourage you to share your goals and progress with me so that I can keep you accountable, bounce ideas around and cheer you on.

And it's all free for members of the Potential Psychology Community - my thanks to you for your support.

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what others have said

Thanks to this challenge I've done more in the past two days than I've done in the past year! - Bron, writing an e-book.
I have officially ticked off everything I set out to do this week! - Louise, launching a new magazine.
'It was great! Knowing you were there to witness and support me was a big factor' - Katherine, buying her first home.


Are you ready? Let's go!

(You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 5 simple steps!)