Things I learned this week: October 18 2014

Wowee it's been a busy week with emotional ups and downs, not quite enough sleep (only myself to blame, should get to bed earlier), the most protracted possibility of buying a house (two weeks just waiting to see a contract) and sunshine and rain (this is Spring in Victoria). In the midst of it I learned this:

  1. Opera Scholars Australia - it's The Voice with arias, ball gowns and black tie, and no-one over 26.
  2. A return to cold wet weather after a period of warmth and sunshine sends people (me) a little mental. 
  3. Some days you just have to call it quits and hide under the doona (see point above re weather). 
  4. You can't make cheese sauce with mozarella. I tried. Disaster.
  5. There's not one, not two, but three families of swans on our lake. Mums, Dads and gorgeous fuzzy cygnets. 
  6. Jennifer Senior and why you don't have to make your kids happy. 
  7. My front room will NEVER be tidy. (Haven't learnt to not let it get to me though).
  8.  Don't compete, collaborate. There's room in this world for everyone to win.

And the week in pictures.