Things I Learned This Week - 2 November 2014

It's time to review the week and see what I've learned!

  1. Men love lawnmowers.  Well my man does at least.  It was his birthday last weekend and he was as happy as a pig in mud spending the day mowing his new lawn with his new lawnmower.  In fact while we're still renting AND have the new house - so technically two homes right now - AND it's spring so lawns are going crazy, he can just go back and forth, mowing away.  Happy man.
  2. The stealth head cold is a thing and I've had it this week.  Smallest boy was snotty last week but I thought I'd escaped - then BAM - a week spent with tissues and Codral and a kind of slow motion, someone's filled my head with cement feeling.
  3. Mums are the best - even when you're in your 40s.  I was taking Mum to lunch in the big city but due to train dramas my one and a half hour trip turned to three  and I was beside myself by the time I arrived.  She force fed me champagne (ok, only minimal force required) gently encouraged me to make phone calls to ensure kids were looked after post-school and distracted me with chatter and shoe shopping which made the whole day so much better.  Thanks Mum.
  4. People love happy stories.  This photo of my shoes (theme anyone?) was my most seen Facebook post this week.  Go figure.  
  5. You should ask for help.  I'm not very good at this but this week, after working myself into a state (again) about work, writing, kids, packing up one house, cleaning and painting the other house and the diabolical state of my front room (still) I called upon the assistance of my wonderful babysitter, some gorgeous girlfriends and my mum (again).  The next couple of weeks now look a whole lot more manageable.
  6. Laundromats! Hadn't been in one for years but this week, thanks to a broken washing machine, I have been frequenting the local laundromat.  What have I learned? Lugging baskets of dirty washing around town is poo BUT if you pick a quiet time you can get four or more loads of washing on the go simultaneously and there's something kind of joyful in that.
  7. In a town of almost 100,000 people there are only two degrees of separation between you and just about everyone.  In the course of one weekend I've met a woman at a friend's Halloween party who also made an offer on the house that we just bought, a mum at the same Halloween party whose son goes to daycare with my son, a daycare morning tea (attended by the aforementioned mum) organised by another mum who lives a block from our new house and a lovely blog reader who told me that she used to know a lady who once lived in our new house.  This stuff happens ALL THE TIME.
  8. All kinds of fun stuff from fellow bloggers.  You might like to take a look at these:

And the week in pictures including Halloween, my first of many forays to Masters, the new garden and hanging at the gym with my littlest man.