Is this the meaning in life?

Time for some Saturday inspiration.  You might have seen this? It's comedian, actor and musician Tim Minchin's take on finding the meaning in life.  It's inspiring, funny, profound, smart and at times just a little bit rude. 

I first heard it (audio only) when it was broadcast on Radio National's Life Matters last October. Hubby has the radio on in the bathroom every morning and usually it's just background noise for me but as I showered one day Tim's words pierced my consciousness and I stood there transfixed, listening, when I should have been getting on with my day.  

I hunted down the YouTube video and have watched it several times since for inspiration and as a great reminder of some of the important things in life.  Tim's world view won't align with everyone's (although it certainly does with mine) but no matter what you believe about finding the meaning in life, this is bound to give you a laugh.

If you don't do video, you can find the transcript on Tim's site here