Who are you? Who am I? Finding your uniqueness*

*That may not be a real word.

It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself.
— Francis Bacon, philosopher, scientist, author

Today is the first day of the first course run by The Clever Cookie School of Blog and I'm a freshly minted student (again!)  The Clever Cookie School is run by Chantelle Ellem (aka Fat Mum Slim) and Rowe Timson (photographer extraordinaire).  It's undertaken online and there are about 100 of us in attendance, mostly hanging out and getting to know each other via a closed Facebook page.  

Today, however, we were set our first piece of school work - to think and write about why we 'blog from the heart.'  Chantelle's introduction to the assignment was accompanied by the following quote...

via The Clever Cookie School of Blog 

via The Clever Cookie School of Blog 

This quote held massive appeal to me, firstly because I am a lifelong fan of Dr. Seuss (every bedtime story would be Dr. Seuss if I had my way) but also because I am a passionate advocate for each of us to understand what makes us unique human beings or as the psychologists call it, our individual difference.

From a psychological perspective there are a vast array of individual differences - our personality, our values, our abilities, our strengths, our intellect, our beliefs, our self-efficacy (faith in our ability to undertake a task) and our self-esteem, just to name a few.  

To think about it in practical terms, if we each took a big piece of butchers paper and some coloured textas (as I'm wont to do with clients) and drew pictures and lists and charts of each of these attributes - a kind of mind map - and then added another big piece of butchers paper and drew pictures and lists and charts of our goals, aspirations, achievements, ideas, plans, desires and dreams, I can guarantee you that no two big pieces of multicoloured butchers paper would look the same.  What's more, we would each have a wealth of factual, tangible about ourselves that we could use to guide our decisions, our plans and our next steps in life.

I've done this for myself, for clients and for friends - I tell them to pin it up somewhere visible at home or at work and refer to it often - and it's a great reminder of our uniqueness in the world.  Go on, have a go!  You can't get it wrong as you're the expert in you.