Positive Life: Sending your hopes out into the universe

Yesterday Kelly from A Life Less Frantic shared on Facebook her decision to communicate her goals/dreams/expectations for this week to the universe in the hope that the universe would co-operate and help her to make those things happen.  

I love communicating my hopes and plans to the universe.  I love having hopes and plans.  I love a project; something to work towards, a goal, a to-do list.  I love the feeling of ticking items off a list, to see progress and to achieve something that I set out to do, big or small.  I'm goal-driven person.  It's the way I'm wired up.

But many years ago, when I first tried my hand at life coaching (as a coachee, not the coach) it was a dispiriting exercise.  Life coaching is all about setting goals and working towards them with the assistance of an expert in order to make the changes that you aspire to in life.  My coach was great, she knew her stuff.  I was enthusiastic and did all of my homework but still the whole thing felt a bit, well, meh.

Setting goals, like most stuff that we humans do, is complex and although there's now been over 100 years of research into how we set goals and motivate ourselves, and what works and what doesn't, there's still an awful lot we don't know.  

One thing we do know is that it helps to have a big picture goal (what psychologists call a 'distal' goal) that we can divide into a lot of little smaller milestone-type goals (called proximal goals).  As we complete the little milestone goals in pursuit of our bigger plan we can cross them off our list and this shows our progress and helps to keep us motivated.  

If you send your hopes and dreams out into the universe you're setting a distal goal.  It's your big picture of what you want life to look like next week, next month, next year, whenever.  To make that happen you will need to set little proximal goals, smaller tasks that you will need to get done in order to achieve that bigger picture.  I'm going to talk a bit more about that for Self Improvement Thursday this week.

So what was up with me and life coaching?  I think in hindsight I didn't have my big picture goal.  I got stuck too small in the nitty gritty of things I wanted to achieve and didn't have that vision of how and why I wanted my life to be different at that time.  

Do you have hopes and plans that you're sending out into the universe?  What are you doing to break those down into little milestone/motivating goals?  Or are you stuck doing the little things and lacking motivation or feeling unsure about where you're going?  Maybe you need to sit back and look at your bigger picture?

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