Positive Life: National Psychology Week. The first adventure of Emoticon Stress Ball Man.

Please forgive a little self indulgence this week.  It's National Psychology Week (yes it's a thing).  It's the week in which Australia's psychologists get out there and try to explain as best we can what it is we do.  No mean feat given that there are probably no two psychologists who actually do the same thing in the same way and what I do as a consulting psychologist to workplaces looks very, very little like what a clinical psychologist working in the psych unit of a hospital might do.  But there you are.  That's just one of the reasons why it's such an interesting field to work in.

So each year National Psychology Week has a theme and and this year it's Managing Everyday Stress.  Pretty relevant to each of us.  And here's a nifty little video that shows you just how you might do that, featuring the mascot I'm calling Emoticon Stress Ball Man.  It's only a minute and a half long, has a bouncy little theme tune and it's packed full of useful tips for managing your everyday stress. 

You'll be seeing more of Emoticon Stress Ball man during the week if you hang out here in blogland with me. Please do. x