Things I learned this week:

  1. Don't entice your six year old around a 6km charity run with promises of jumping castles and ice cream at the end unless you can deliver.  One tired, angry six year old.  
  2. My lovely digital business mentor Aldona (you can read all about her and see her wonderful photography here) has excellent taste in red Lambretta watches.  Snap!
  3. There is more to know about Google Analytics, keywords, ALT text, metadata and Search Engine Optimisation than my brain can grasp but I battled late into the night one night regardless.  
  4. The first known horse was the Eohippus (get some Wiki love here).  I learnt this from a Prep (Kindy) reader while helping with reading in the classroom.  Are you kidding? For Preps?  I had to figure out how to pronounce it so that I could inform my little charge.
  5. The Slow Movement has spawned a sub movement of slow cities, known as Cittaslow. There are three Cittaslow towns in Australia; Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, Yea in Victoria and Goolwa in South Australia.  I've been to all three but didn't realise their slow significance at the time. (You can learn more about the Slow Movement and my slow week here)
  6.  No one in our household likes rockmelon (or canteloupe as it's known in these parts) yet we have four on the kitchen bench as a result of a major online fruit and veg order fail. Again.
  7. My main man and I continue to be non risk averse and pretty poor with details and have accidentally bought a house.  This is the second time we have done this.
  8. I will be spending the next six weeks preparing to move into a house that is a little too small for our family and belongings and currently smells of dog wee.  Over the next year or so I will be learning A LOT VERY QUICKLY about building a new house.  

Here's the week in pictures:

  • Ballaratians ran and walked to raise money for the redevelopment of the Children's ward of the Ballarat Base Hospital.
  • It was a big week for our local bronze Prime Ministers with Julia's arrival and Gough's farewell. 
  • There was playdough at playgroup and crazy hair at school.
  • And the sun shone on and on (we get excited about this here, winter is long and cold) so the little boys and I hung out at the Botanic Gardens.