Things I learned this week - 16 November.

It's that time again (although I note that the time is a little later than I had hoped to be writing this post).  Why get ready for Monday on a Sunday night when you can leave that until the early hours of Monday morning?

What did I learn this week?  Let's review that shall we?

  1. I learned the joy of Freecycling.  There are now students nearby who have my TV and a lovely young mum preparing dinner in my slow cooker.  Tomorrow some nice people will come to take my dud washing machine away so that it can live happily amongst other dud appliances as scrap metal.
  2. I learned that one should always figure out how to use new recording devices BEFORE one conducts an interview. I will now have to rely on my memory for 36 minutes of a 45 minute conversation.
  3. I learned that the man of the house is participating in Movember and has been for two weeks now.  This is less of a reflection on his ability to grow a mo than it is of my poor observational skills.  Sorry honey.
  4. I learned that no matter my efforts to take a politically correct stance on small boys and toy guns, some six year old boys (mine amongst them) will maintain a fascination for all things weaponry and will find a way to get hold of plastic pretendy AK47s (or similar - I don't actually know what an AK47 looks like).  I  have drawn the line at them being taken to school.
  5. I learned that you can have a lot of fun with National Psychology Week and Twitter. Bigger and better next year. 
  6. I learned that Australian women are more stressed than Australian men but we seem pretty well equipped to deal with it.  I blogged about it during the week and you can read it here.
  7. I learned that my sister, brother-in-law and I make a damn fine garage purging team with one trailer filled to maximum capacity with stuff we neither want nor need (and some I'm sure I'd never seen before) and towed to the tip in under an hour and a half.  
  8. Finally, I learned that anyone in the local area who wants their house painted wants it done in the six weeks prior to Christmas when, as the nice man in the paint shop informed me, 'the world is apparently going to end.'  Trying to find house painters around here right now is nothing short of challenging but I did it and they start on Tuesday. Yippee!

And now for the week in pictures.

The swan family were out and about and my beautiful new self-designed shoes arrived from Shoes of Prey (don't visit unless you have time and money to BURN).  There was cousin play, birthday flowers and a lunch in Creswick.  I appreciated the leadlight windows at the local fish and chip shop and the joy of sunshine, wind and the Hills Hoist at our new house. 

What have you learned this week?